Brief Overview

SparkCognition is a Cognitive Security Analytics company. They're applying Machine Learning & AI to Cloud Security and the Internet of Things.


4030 West Braker Lane
Suite 450
Austin, Texas 78759


Amir Husain Serves as Founder and CEO of SparkCognition.


Founded in 2013 by Amir Husain, this small company os headquartered in Austin, Texas.

Key Competitors

SecureRF, VMWare

Products and Services

SparkCognition offers the following security products:
• DeepArmor – A signature free, machine learning-powered anti-malware tool
• SparkSecure – Adds a cognitive layer to traiditonal security solutions
• SparkPredict - Learns from sensor data, identifies impending failures before they occur and alerts operators to sub-optimal operation before it can cause any harm