Brief Overview

Sonavation designs and manufactures biometric fingerprint sensors using ultrasound technology.


3970 RCA Boulevard, Suite #7003
Palm Beach Gardens, Florida 33410
Tel: (561) 209 – 1201


Karl F. Weintz, Chairman, President, and CEO of Sonavation, was previously COO of CoreStreet and ActivIdentity.


Founded in 2004, the company, which is headquartered in Florida, received $20.4M in venture funding in 2014.

Key Acquisitions

Arkami (2014) – Security Identification

Key Competitors

Idex, Integrated Biometrics, Crossmatch

Products and Services

The Sonavation IDKey provides identity solutions, in FIDO-ready form factors for U2F/UAF multi-factor authentication. The product comes with iOS and Android apps for mobile phones in order to securely manage the authentication process. Sonavation offers a Web portal for update and management of IDKey usage and applications. Technology used in the design and manufacture of IDKey includes low-power ultrasound and 3D surface scan. 38 patents protect the sub-surface technology.