Brief Overview

Somansa provides a range of network and endpoint DLP solutions for the enterprise.


3003 N 1st Street, Suite #301
San Jose, California 95134
Tel: (408) 701 - 1302


Richard Kim serves as CEO of Somansa.


The company, which is headquartered in San Jose, has over 15 years of experience in electronic data discovery. The company serves 1000 customers in industries ranging from health care to government.

Key Competitors

Symantec, Intel

Products and Services

Somansa provides a range of cyber security solutions focused in the following areas:

• Somansa Mail-I – Provides network DLP
• Somansa Privacy-I – Provides endpoint DLP
• Somansa Privacy-i SaaS – Protects data at rest
• Somansa DB-I – Offers database activity monitoring
• Somansa Halconeye – Customized appliance for DLP