Skillbridge Security

Brief Overview

Skillbridge Security provides a range of cyber security training services including tailored courses.


Skillbridge Security
163 Candlestick Road
North Andover, Massachusetts 01845
Tel: (781) 466 – 6371


John Lytle serves as Founder and President of Skillbridge Security. John has been involved in the training field since 1990.


Founded in 2001, the company’s management team consists of Steve Leventhal and John Lytle. Skillbridge is headquartered in Massachusetts.

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Products and Services

Skillbridge offers a range of cyber security training solutions focused on enterprise protection, technical skills, processes, and strategy. The company also offers additional technical training in IT, support, system and network administration, programming, and software engineering. Skillbridge also works with clients to create tailored, customized solutions including computer-based training.