Brief Overview

Sixgill enables the governance of connected assets—people, places and things —with our universal sensor data services platform for easier, faster, and more flexible IoE application development. We unlock the value of IoE and IoT by taking noisy, voluminous data and identifying exception events—the valuable data intersections that are pertinent to business problems that our customers care about in the moment.


312 Arizona Avenue, Santa Monica, CA 90401


Phil Ressler, CEO
Dominiek Ter Heide, Chief Architect and VP R&D

Products and Services

Sense is the Data Automation Suite for Sensor-informed Applications: One scalable System for Universal Sensor Data Collection, Enrichment, Discovery, and Automation.

Sense Vision transform cameras Into Unblinking Data Networks of Visual Intelligence With Real-Time Video Analysis & Decisioning.

Integrity assures Blockchain authenticity for any data stream. Enforcing end-to-end, real-time accessibility and immutable auditability, Integrity protects data authenticity throughout the full data lifecycle.

HyperLabel: Maintain Complete Data Privacy and Control and Accelerate Time-to-training With Faster, Easier, High-quality Labeling.