Brief Overview

ShieldX is a cloud-native elastic security platform that allows for control across cloud deployment models. The company's product, ShieldX, uses analytics modeling to understand intent workflows, and then applies policies and controls to create elasticity, drive nimble deployments, and apply security.


ShieldX Networks, Inc.
2025 Gateway Place, Suite 400
San Jose, CA 95110 USA
Phone: +1 408-758-9400


Ken Levine, CEO
Dr. Ratinder Paul Singh Ahuja, Founder and Chief Research Officer
Harry (Harjinder) Singh, Founder and President
Manuel Nedbal, Founder, CTO & SVP
Lovely Kaur, Founder and VP of Human Resources & Business Operations
Dave Karp, SVP of Product Management
Rob Rachwald, VP of Marketing


ShieldX was founded in 2015 by Dr. Ratinder Paul Singh Ahuja, Harry (Harjinder) Singh, Manuel Nedbal, and Lovely Kaur. The company formally launched in 2017.
The company's investors include Bain Capital, Aspect Ventures, FireEye, Symantec, NTT, Ashar Aziz, and Thomvest Ventures.

Key Competitors


Products and Services

ShieldX Elastic Security Platform: ShieldX is a cloud-native, agentless network security platform. The technology provides visibility into resources (e.g., web tiers, middleware apps, storage) as they are brought online, policy creation and implementation, and enforcement of microsegment boundaries. Access control is enforced at the workflow level at layers 3-7.

Included Controls:
IDS/IPS Threat Detection & Prevention
Malware Prevention
Intelligence Secure Export API
URL Inspection for Reputation &
Anomaly Detection & Prevention
Elastic Microsegmentation

Supported Environments:
• Azure
• Amazon AWS
• VMWare ESX