Brief Overview

Sharktech provides a gateway solution for protecting against distributed denial of service attacks.


3315 E. Russell Rd.
A4 # 112
Las Vegas, Nevada 89120
Tel: (844) 706 – 7383


Tim Timrawi serves as CEO and Founder of Sharktech.


Founded by Tim Timrawi, the company was created to focus on low-cost DDOS protections. Sharktech maintains data centers in Los Angeles, Denver, Chicago, and Amsterdam.

Key Competitors

Akamai, AT&T, Verizon, Verisign

Products and Services

Sharktech provides advanced DDOS protection with various options for attack size, layer 3 and 4 protection, DNS amplification protection, SMURF protection, ACK attack detection, and Layer 7 attack security. Solutions are available for bare metal services, colocation, virtual services, and remote gateway solutions.