Shaka Technologies

Brief Overview

Shaka provides Web security, load balancing, acceleration, and related network security product solutions.


Shaka Technologies
Elgar Drive
Witham Essex
United Kingdom
Tel: +44 203 397 2168


Dayne Lucas serves as CEO of Shaka Technologies


Founded in 2012, Shaka Technologies is a privately held company headquartered in the UK.

Key Competitors

Blue Coat, A10, Radware

Products and Services

Shaka Technologies offers its Ishlangu product as an on-premise or Amazon Web Service (AWS)-hosted solution for load balancing, firewall protection, Web acceleration, Web security, application scalability, and application delivery. Key aspects of the Ishlangu product include high availability, control, and security with focus on detecting cross-site scripting, SQL injection, and cross-site request forgery attacks. The load balancer also offers a degree of DDOS protection.