Brief Overview

Sertaintry offers developers an ability to embed intelligence into data-files, empowering data with an ability to act and react to its environment.


Sertainty Corporation
1420 Donelson Pike
Suite A-20
Nashville, Tennessee
Tel: 1-615-846-5500


Greg Taylor serves as the CEO.
Dan Fischer serves as the EVP.
Greg Smiths erves as the Chief Architect
Robin Bienfait serves as the Advising Chief Technology Officer
Amir Sternhell serves as the Chief Strategy Officer
Scott Pranger serves as VP of Sales


SertintyONE Corporation officially emerged from stealt mode Summer 2018, as Serainty Corporation. Founding member Greg Taylor established SertintyONE in July of 2015 coincident with the stealth release of SDK v1 earlier that year.

Key Competitors

Core3, Allure, Egnyte

Products and Services

Sertainty is a Nashville based technology company specializing in embedding intelligence into data-files. By fusing an inventive, configurable nano-engine with data, Sertainty enables the data-file to assume end-point like capabilities: hence, data:empowered.
Using the Sertainty SDK the developer can assure the safety of data - whether the data is at rest, in transit or under process - without a dependency on humans, machines and infrastructure. Ultimately, the customer can shift data control and risk mitigation from a reaction paradigm to an action paradigm.