Brief Overview

SendThisFile provides a secure file transfer solution through an encrypted, trusted intermediary in the cloud.


SendThisFile, Inc.
2250 N. Rock Road, Suite 118-136
Wichita, Kansas 67226-2331
Tel: (855) 736 – 3844


Aaron Freeman serves as Co-founder and CEO of SendThisFile.


Aaron Freeman and his father, Michael Freeman, co-founded SendThisFile in 2003.

Key Competitors

HPE Voltage, SendSafely

Products and Services

SendThisFile provides a platform for secure file transfer with encryption and secure handling. The company uses SaaS infrastructure in its data centers to provide managed file transfer, including the ability to place a FileBox on a website so that customers can send files without leaving the site. Senders sign on to an account to send files. Recipients are notified via email that a file is ready for transfer. The process is done using strong cryptography with the ability to track and monitor all file transfer activity.