Brief Overview

Securosis is an independent security research and advisory firm offering insights into Web 2.0, APT protection, and security investment.


Securosis, LLC
515 E. Carefree Highway, Suite 766
Phoenix, Arizona 85085


Rich Mogull, Analyst and CEO, was previously a research analyst for Gartner, where he served as co-chair of the Gartner Security Summit.


The small advisory firm is located in Phoenix.

Key Competitors

Adventium Labs, Gartner

Products and Services

The expert security “transparent” research and advisory services offered by Securosis can be grouped as follows:

• The Securosis Nexus (online environment to help get jobs done)
• Primary Research Publishing – Includes free blog information
• Research Products and Advisory Services – Includes subscription services
• Retainer Service for Vendors – Includes market and product analysis
• External Speaking and Editorial – Includes on-line and in-person