Security in Motion

Brief Overview

Security in Motion provides IT security solutions included value added resale of security technology products.


Security in Motion
207 Regent Street, 3rd Floor
London W1B 3HH
Tel: 0845 053 7209


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The company, headquartered in the UK, was established to help and support companies achieve business advantage from IT secure solutions.

Key Competitors

Compute Forensics, Valley IT Limited

Products and Services

In addition to IT support and cloud computing, Security in Motion provides IT security solutions focused in the following areas:

• Email Security
• Anti-Virus
• Data Protection
• Device and Application Control
• IT Compliancy
• Penetration Testing
• Network Security
• Remote Access
• Web Filtering
• Security Audit

The company maintains partnerships with Absolute Software, HPE ArcSight, Avira, Barracuda, Cyberoam, Celestix, Lumension, Mimecast, Wasco, Webroot, WinMagic, Dell, ThinkGrid, Microsoft, NComputing, Paragon, and Xirrus.