Brief Overview

SecurityDAM provides a DDOS detection and mitigation solution for communications service providers.


ZIV Towers, Building A, Floor 1
24 Raoul Wallenberg Street
Tel Aviv, Israel 69719
Tel: +972 (3) 7659894


Eran Ziv, Founder and CEO of SecurityDAM, was previously CEO of Teledata Networks.


Founded in 2012, SecurityDAM is a member of the global RAD Group. SecurityDAM is headquartered in Tel Aviv.

Key Competitors

Arbor, Radware, F5, Akamai (Prolexic)

Products and Services

SecurityDAM provides a range of DDOS detection and mitigation solutions that can be grouped as follows:

• HybridShield Outsource – Includes cloud-based scrubbing center as managed service with dedicated experts
• Mitigation Capacity Backup – Offers extended capacity
• SecurityDAM Control Center – Allows customer setup and management
• ERT Services – Emergency response team services
• Scrubbing Center Network – Expands geographical coverage
• Enterprise DDOS Solutions – Focuses on cloud-based protection for enterprise customers