Secure Code Warrior

Brief Overview

Secure Code Warrior is passionate about delivering an industry-leading solution that makes security easy and highly visible for developers. It collaborates with its partner network to provide its customers with a greater range of security tools, consultancy and delivery support to embed security from the start.


Level 6, 227 Elizabeth Street
Sydney, NSW 2000, Australia

745 Atlantic Ave
Office 370
Boston, MA 02111, USA

1 Fore St Ave
London, UK

Baron Ruzettelaan 5 bus 3
8310 Brugge, Belgium


Peter Danhieux serves as CEO, Director and Co-Founder alongside Matias Madou, who acts as CTO, Director and Co-Founder.


Secure Code Warrior was co-founded by Pieter Danhieux and Matias Madou Ph.D., two globally recognized security experts. Through their combined security experience as developers, researchers, trainers and consultants, Pieter and Matias had experienced the negative impact of insecure code and were frustrated by the industry's focus on simply finding vulnerabilities, rather than fixing or preventing them in the first place.

Both recognized that improving secure coding skills and outcomes would add a powerful layer of cyber protection for companies and would help them make better code, faster. Developers didn’t need to become security experts per se, but they could be empowered positively to be the first line of defense for their organization.

The team pioneered an innovative approach to improving secure coding skills and outcomes that is simple, scalable and positive; and works for both Development and Security groups. The team is driven by the knowledge that measurable improvements in security compliance, consistency and predictability will be matched by a better quality and speed of code writing. And that creates an environment in which everyone can enjoy spending more time building, and less time fixing.

Key Competitors

MediaPRO, Wombat Security, Inspired eLearning, Sans, Security Innovation, Codebashing