Secure Channels

Brief Overview

Secure Channels provides a range of data encryption solutions for various types of systems and applications.


Secure Channels
16400 Bake Parkway, Suite 100
Irvine, California 92618
Tel: (855) 825 – 6766


Richard Blech serves as CEO of Secure Channels. He is an active member of Imperium Management LLC, which invests in technologically advanced ventures.


The company was founded in 2013 and has its headquarters in Irvine, California. This innovative software engineering company has seven patents related to data protection, encryption and resource-based cryptographic key generation. Its solutions are largely focused on the needs of enterprise organizations, government/ public sector, software vendors/application providers, as-a-Service and OEM.

Key Competitors

Entrust, BitLocker, Vormetric

Products and Services

Secure channels provides a range of enterprise security solutions based on encryption that can be grouped as follows:

• PKMS2 – Patented mode of encryption using layering and segmentation, using 2+ block ciphres to deliver 387-bit strength, delivered via an “as-a-Service” or API.
• XOTIC –Patented One-Time Pad style encryption system
• XFA Mail – Patented non-PKI based email plug-in
• XOTIC SoC - OTP embedded for FPGA’s and ASIC’s
• Lens – XOTIC based polymorphic encryption system used for blockchain
• SUBROSA – Patented MFA method producing a 65,000+ long character encrypted (log-in) key to replace or augment human-generated passwords
• xSOC – Patented secure ecosystem architecture for use by entire industries or large enterprise organizations that require end-to-end security
• CryptoSCAN – Enterprise software scanning tool that specifically identifies & reports on outdated, poor data encryption for use with pre-audit readiness/post audit remediation, ransomware identification
• Secure Channels HSM – Hardware-based, cloud key manager
• Secure Channels Enterprise Key Manager – Hardware-based, enterprise key manager