Secret Double Octopus

Brief Overview

Secret Double Octopus provides high-assurance passwordless authentication to help enterprises become completely password-free. Its authentication solutions are built on provably unbreakable cryptography that is highly resistant to common attacks such as phishing, MITM, spraying and cracking. With passwords out of the way, Octopus delivers a simple and universal user experience and allows for substantial cost savings.


Raz Rafaeli – CEO & Co-Founder Prof. Shlomi Dolev - CSO & Co-Founder Dr. Shimrit Tzur-David - CTO & Co-Founder Chen Tetelman - VP R&D & Co-Founder

Products and Services

The Octopus Authenticator is an enterprise-grade solution that supports access to all enterprise resources, whether on-premise, remotely accessed or in the cloud. The solution is fully integrated with Microsoft Active Directory and other IdPs to enable password-free authentication to the enterprise domain, and strong security within the domain.