Satori Cyber

Brief Overview

We started Satori Cyber because we believe in the power of data to transform businesses and drive innovation and competitive advantage. We also acknowledge the challenges data-driven organizations face today when they are seeking to enable broad and optimized data access. Our mission is to provide a platform that allows organizations to maximize their return-on-data in an optimized, secure and compliant way.


Yigal Alon St 114,
Tel Aviv-Yafo, 6744320


Eldad Chai, CEO and Co-Founder
Yoav Cohen, CTO and Co-Founder

Products and Services

The Satori Secure Data Access Cloud is a highly-available and transparent proxy service that sits in front of your data stores (databases, data warehouses and data lakes). Satori asynchronously inspects all queries and their results to build a complete map of how data flows in your environment and then applies data privacy policies that enable secure and compliant data access in real-time.
• Complete Data Flow Mapping
• Granular Data Protection
• Data Privacy