Private Machines

Brief Overview

Private Machines protects cloud and data center workloads, and brings users technology that is secure and easy to use.


Private Machines
164 20th Street Suite 4A
New York, New York 11232
Tel: (631) 731 - 1695


Radu Sion serves as CEO of Private Machines.


Private Machines was founded in 2013. This private company is headquartered in New York.

Key Competitors


Products and Services

Private Machines offers the following encryption products.

• CipherRack – Run VMs, containers, and standalone applications fully encrypted in public or private clouds and data centers.
• CipherLocker – Encrypted file sharing, storage, and collaboration platform with a search portal on encrypted data and strong client-side data encryption.

Private Machines provide two other products CipherFabric and Cipherquery.