Nozomi Networks

Brief Overview

Nozomi Networks is dedicated to protecting the availability of ICS/SCADA networks from cyber security incidents and process anomalies with its advanced real-time visibility solution. The company delivers innovative cyber security and operational visibility solutions for industrial control systems. Its next generation solution automatically builds an internal model of the industrial network and physical process and uses behavioral and continuous monitoring to detect changes to baseline states. The devices and process status, rapidly identifying and process anomalies.


Nozomi Networks
120 2nd Street (4th Floor)
San Francisco, CA 94105


Edgard Capdevielle serves as President and CEO of Nozomi Networks. Previously he was Vice President of Product Management and Marketing for Imperva, where he led teams that made the company’s web and data security products leaders in their space.
Andrea Carcano serves as Founder and Chief Product Officer. Morena Carullo serves as Founder and Chief Technology Officer.


Nozomi Networks was founded in 2013 by Andrea Carcano and Morena Carullo. Nozomi Networks has raised $22M from THI Investments, Lux Capital, Planven Investments, GGV Capital, Invenergy Future Fund

Key Competitors

Flowmon Networks, CyberX, Ionic Security, OpSec Security

Products and Services

The Nozozmi Networks solution improves ICS cyber resiliency and provides real-time operational visibility. Major customers have improved reliability, cyber security and operational efficiency using our technology:
• SCADAguardian – Provides superior operational visibility including asset tracking and real-time network monitoring. It rapidly detects cyber threats and process anomalies, improving cyber resiliency and reliability.
• Central Management Console – Delivers consolidated OT cyber security and visibility across regional or multinational facilities. It reduces support costs for remote sites, speeds up troubleshooting and improves staff efficiency.
• Tech Specs – The Nozomi Networks solution is available in multiple appliance formats for every type of deployment. It supports many industrial control systems, dozens of protocols and easily integrates with IT/OT applications with an Open API.