Brief Overview

NIKSUN develops real-time and forensics-based cyber security and network performance management solutions.


NIKSUN, Inc. Corporate Headquarters
457 North Harrison St
Princeton, New Jersey 08540
Tel: 609 936 9999


Dr. Parag Pruthi serves as Founder and CEO of NIKSUN.


Founded in 1997, NIKSUN provides network forensics solutions that scale to over 100 Gbps with lossless packet capture capabilities. The company is headquartered in Princeton, New Jersey with offices in Monmouth Junction, New Jersey, Boston, Massachusetts, Gurgaon, India and Tokyo, Japan.

Key Competitors

RSA, Cisco, IBM, NetScout, Riverbed, BlueCoat

Products and Services

NIKSUN provides a range of network security and monitoring solutions that can be grouped as follows:

• Cyber Security – Includes the NetDetector family of packet capture and metadata analysis products. NetDetector is a full-featured network security appliance. NetDetectorLive integrates packet capture, metadata generation, real-time indexing up to Layer 7, IDS (signature and anomaly), and malware analytics. Virtual NetDetector supports cloud deployments. IntelliDefend is a lightweight (notebook size), full packet capture, and forensics/analytics device for branch offices. NetOmni provides a single, unified view of all traffic across the entire network. Add-On Solution Modules are available.
• Network Performance – NetVCR is an appliance for network performance monitoring. It includes flow aggregation, analytic support, and other features. Virtual NetVCR supports cloud deployments. IntelliNetVCR is a lightweight, notebook-sized device for branch offices, department levels, and other applications.
• Mobility – NetMobility offers real-time analysis capability for EPC, IMS and CDMA monitoring and analysis on a mobile network.
• Financial – NetTradeWatch provides end-to-end visibility into financial network environments.