Brief Overview

NexusGuard provides a range of DDOS protection services including fully managed solutions for the enterprise.


548 Market St #15269
San Francisco, California 94104


Jolene Lee, CEO of NexusGuard, previously held executive roles with Robert Bosch, Dewlight Services, and American Standard.


Founded in 2008, the private company is headquartered in San Francisco with presence in London, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and the Philippines.

Key Competitors


Products and Services

NexusGuard provides a range of DDOS services that can be grouped as follows:

• Application Protection – Includes protection for websites and applications from network- and application-layer
• Origin Protection – Includes DDOS vulnerability assessment and DDOS penetration testing
• DNS Protection – Includes the NexusGuard Business Pulse monitoring portal for bandwidth usage, threat statistics, and threat notification.

The company also offers services focused on the service provider marketplace for customers.