Brief Overview

The Netsweeper application is created to manage the Internet access and activity of Internet users around the world. It was first designed as an alternative to the limited performance of the early filtering products that simply used word-blocking techniques and URL-blocking lists. Netsweeper was designed with the first automated and on demand content filtering categorization system.


Netsweeper Middle East
F 110-02
HQ Building,
Silicon Oasis,
+971 (05) 55368 565


Perry Roach, CEO


Netsweeper has offices in Canada, the UK, Dubai, India, & Netherlands, plus additional distributors in Australia, the United States, Middle East and South America. Founded in 1999 and privately held, Netsweeper has consistently grown and profited while building a professional and client-based team that serves a global community with just over 500 million end users.

Key Competitors

Bloxx, Iboss, Zscaler, Wire Filter, Palo Alto, Integrity Online, Smooth Wall, BluePrint Data, Fortinet, Censornet

Products and Services

Net Sweeper offers 4 products and services

Education - Create a safe, secure e-learning environment and maintain compliance while protecting students, staff and faculty from malicious or inappropriate content.

Government - Protect assets, sensitive information and the safety of the customers community from cyber threats while exceeding their compliance and regulation requirements.

Telecommunications - Provide a reliable customer experience, increase ARPU and reduce churn while protecting users from unwanted, inappropriate or malicious web content.

Healthcare - Ensure the protection of sensitive data, systems and one’s people’s from web born threats with the flexibility and customization to fit one’s organizational needs.