Brief Overview

NETSHIELD Corporation designs and delivers security solutions to enhance organizations cyber-risk mitigation strategies. It offers network access control devices for small and midsized organizations or network; and AppShield, a solution that secures various mobile applications on various platforms. The company’s solutions allow the client to control network access and detect, alert, and block accidental, unintended, malicious access, and data exfiltration.


NETSHIELD Corporation
10 Tara Boulevard, Suite 140
Nashua, New Hampshire 03062
Tel: (800 991 3871


Ed Wall serves as President & CEO of NETSHIELD. Ed entered into his role as CEO of NETSHIELD after 30+ years in law enforcement and public safety service. Ed served on the Governor’s Homeland Security Council for 9 years, holding a Tier 3 Secret level national security clearance. Ed was a member of the cyber security working group and routinely engaged in cyber resiliency / vulnerability testing to protect department operating systems, data and privacy.


Founded in 2012 by Gary Miliefsky, the small, private company is headquartered in New Hampshire. NETSHIELD Corporation was formerly known as SnoopWall, Inc. and changed its name to NETSHIELD Corporation in November 2017. The name change reflected the company’s flagship product suite of NETSHIELD Appliances and Software that are used in 41 countries across the globe.

Key Competitors

Skycure, Zimperium, Threat Stack

Products and Services

The NETSHIELD appliances offer simplified and affordable NAC (Network Access Control) devices for small and midsized organizations or networks serving from 25 to 4,000 assets. From the small form factor Nano series, through the rack-mounted Branch Pro and Enterprise level systems, NETSHIELD products provide agentless, Layer 2 IPS (Intrusion Prevention System) proactive security solutions.

NETSHIELD's patented and highly scalable solutions allow you to control network access and detect, alert, and block accidental, unintended, malicious access and data exfiltration. The NETSHIELD products are hardware and software agnostic, which can be plugged in anywhere and discover assets everywhere.