Brief Overview

Netragard provides a range of penetration testing and vulnerability assessment services. Netragard also develops and sells Breach Detection Solutions.


Tel: (978) 653 – 0220


Adriel Desautels serves as Founder & CEO of Netragard
Philippe Caturegli serves as Chief Hacking Officer and Partner


Adriel Desautels founded Netragard in 2005 under the original name SNOsoft. The company originally included an exploit acquisition program, which was ended in 2015. Netragard uses a penetration testing methodology that leverages vulnerability research and exploit development techniques called Real Time Dynamic Testing™. This methodology enables Netragard to test its clients at realistic levels of threat which is required to build effective defensive solutions.

Key Competitors

NCC Group

Products and Services

Netragard provides a range of expert security consulting services including the following:

• Penetration Testing & Red Teaming
• Realistic Threat Penetration Testing
• Web Application Penetration Testing
• Social Engineering
• Research and Development
• Custom security engagements
• Vulnerability Assessment

Netragard emphasizes their hacking backgrounds through use of the marketing/sales slogan: “We protect you from people like us.”