Brief Overview

NetSPI provides security professional services and penetration testing for its customers.


NetSPI World Headquarters
800 Washington Avenue North #670
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55401
Tel: (612) 465 – 8880


Deke George, CEO of NetSPI, was previously founder of Ontrack (now Kroll-Ontrack).


Deke George and Seth Peter formed NetSPI in 2001 along with the core group that started Ontrack computer forensics. The private company is headquartered in Minnesota.

Key Competitors

NCC Group

Products and Services

NetSPI provides expert professional services for Enterprise Security testing and penetration testing to assess, correlate, and present threat information to its customers. NetSPI offers security professional services in the following areas:

• Application Assessment – Include Web app, thick client, mobile app, and app code assessment.
• Network Assessment – Includes internal, external, and infrastructure assessment.
• Attack Simualtion Services – Includes Adversial Simulation, Red Alert Security and Social Engineering
• Advisory Services – Includes vulnerability management, risk assessment, and compliance services.

The company includes mobility as one of its assessment targets. The company also feeds information into RSA’s Archer tool.