NCC Group

Brief Overview

NCC Group offers a range of security testing and information assurance services including escrow, consulting, and domain services.


NCC Group
Manchester Technology Centre/Oxford Road
Manchester, England M1 7EF
United Kingdom
Tel: +44(0)161 820 8527


Adam Palser, CEO of NCC Group since 2017. Prior to NCC Group, Adam was the CEO of NSL Ltd, the public services provider.


NCC Group was formed in 1999. The firm was admitted to the London Stock Exchange in 2007. It has grown significantly in the past decade mostly through acquisitions of security companies, reporting revenue of $133.7M in 2015. The company employs 1,200 information assurance specialists across three continents with 32 office locations.

Key Acquisitions

Site Confidence (2007) – Performance Monitoring
Secure Test (2007) – Security Testing
NGS Software (2008) – Software Security
Escrow Europe (2009) – Escrow
Meridian Services (2010) – Payment Services
iSec Partners (2010) – Penetration Testing
SDLC Solutions (2010) – Software Testing
Axzona (2011) – Website Monitoring
Intrepidus Group (2012) – Mobile Security Testing
Matasano (2012) – Security Testing
.trust (2014) – Secure gTLD
FortConsult (2014) – Security Testing
Fox-IT (2015) – Security Consulting
Accumuli (2015) – Security Solutions
Open Registry Group (2015) – Domain Services
Payment Software Company(2016) – Compliance and Consulting
VSR(2016) – Electrical Contractor Services.

Key Competitors

Praetorian, Core Security, Veracode, RedSpin

Products and Services

NCC Group provides a range of security services including penetration and security testing, escrow services and verification, mobile security testing, performance monitoring, and trusted global top-level domain services. The iSec Partners acquisition led NCC Group into high-end penetration testing in mobility. The company’s acquisition of .trust provided entrance to the top-level trusted domain business.