Brief Overview

Morphisec provides security services and solutions for endpoint security with threat intelligence and prevention.


Morphisec Headquaters
16, Helkikey Ha'Or St.
Gav Yam Park Bldg. 2
Beer-Sheva, 8470912, Israel
Tel: (617) 209-2552


Ronen Yehoshua, co-founder and CEO of Morphisec, has over 20 year of technology management and venture capital experience. Prior to Morphisec, Ronen was a partner at Cedar Fund.


Co-founded in 2014 by Dudu Mimran, Mordechai Guri, Yuval Elovici and Ronen Yehoshua. the company Emerged from Israel’s national cybersecurity center and was formely known as Titanium.

Key Competitors

Promisec, ThreatTrack Security, SentinelOne

Products and Services

Morphisec offers polymorphic defense and real-time investigation tools for protecting enterprises against targeted attacks to provide endpoint threat prevention. Morphisec provides VDI Security used to protect Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) from zero-days, evasive malware and sophisticated advanced attacks. Morphisec Endpoint Threat Prevention employs Moving Target Defense to help secure your VDI without sacrificing performance or raising costs and complexity. Morphisec’s EndPoint Threat Prevention Solution stops attacks at the exact moment of infiltration, before damage can be done to your company.