Brief Overview

MITRE is a non-profit, federally funded R&D organization that includes cyber security initiatives. It manages federally funded research and development centers (FFRDCs) supporting several U.S. government agencies.


202 Burlington Road
Bedford, Massachusetts 01730
Tel: (781) 271 – 2000


Dr. Jason Providakes serves as the President and CEO of MITRE.


MITRE was chartered in 1958 and has supported government initiatives in the decades since. MITRE is headquartered in Bedford, Massachusetts and McLean, Virginia.

Key Competitors

US National Labs, Academic Institutions

Products and Services

The specific areas of cyber security focused on by MITRE include the following:

• Scientific research and analysis – including cyber security R&D in conjunction with various government and academic institutions
• Development and acquisition
• Systems engineering and integration

MITRE operates the National Security Engineering Center in conjunction with the Department of Defense.