Brief Overview

Minerva Labs is an innovative endpoint security solution provider that protects enterprises from today’s stealthiest attacks – those designed to evade existing defenses. Without relying on signatures, models or behavioral patterns, Minerva’s solution deceives the malware and causes it to disarm itself, thwarting it before the need to engage costly security resources.


Minerva Labs
14 Imber Street
Petah Tikva, Israel 49511


Eddy Bobritsky – Co-Founder & CEO
Erez Breiman – Co-Founder & CTO
Omri Moyal – Co-Founder & VP Research


Eddy Bobritsky, Erez Breiman, and Omri Moyal founded Minerva Labs in 2014. Headquartered in Petah Tikva, Israel, and with offices in New York and Atlanta, Minerva Labs boosts customers' existing defenses without the need to embark upon a costly and risky overhaul of their entire endpoint security architecture. They received $7.5M in total funding from StageOne Ventures, Amplify Partners, and Webb Investment Network.

Key Competitors

Morphisec, Verodin, FireEye, WISeKey

Products and Services

Cybercriminals are finding new ways to outsmart today’s security defenses by updating and releasing new malware versions of their code. Security tools that rely on Indicators of Compromise (IOC), based on signatures, behavioral models or patterns, won’t catch evasive malware that has not yet revealed itself. Thanks to Minerva Labs’ Anti-Evasion Platform, companies can now prevent the stealthiest of attacks. Minerva Anti-Evasion Platform is a comprehensive endpoint solution that prevents attacks through trickery and deception. Using deception Minerva Labs will:
• Deceive the malware’s perception or reality, prior to installation, to the point that it is certain to be in such a hostile environment and aborts the attack
• Stop in-memory attacks on the fly by preventing the code injection into legit processes
• Trick malware into believing the same malware is already running on the target when it’s not
• Deceive non-evasive ransomware into believing it has encrypted the files on an endpoint when in reality it had not
Minerva enhances your defense ecosystem with threat intelligence. Once an unknown attack is blocked, Minerva will update other security tools with the new attack pattern, to find and eradicate attacks faster.