Brief Overview

Microsoft provides computer software, consumer electronics, and personal computer services including IT security offerings.


Microsoft, 15010 NE 36th Street
Redmond, Washington 98052


Satya Nadella serves as CEO of Microsoft.
John W. Thompson serves as Chairman of Microsoft.


Founded by Bill Gates and Paul Allen in 1975, Microsoft is now one of the largest, multinational computer software companies in the world, employing 128,000 people and generating $86B in revenue in 2014. The company trades on NASDAQ.

Key Acquisitions

Hotmail(1997)- Email, GIANT (2004) – Anti-Spyware, FrontBridge (2005) – Email
Alacris (2005) – Certificate, aQuantive(2007)- Advertising, Komoku (2008) – Rootkit, Sentillion (2009) – Identity, Skype (2011) – Telecom, PhoneFactor (2012) – Two-Factor Authentication , Nokia Mobile Phones (2014) – Mobile
Aorato (2014) Cloud, Adallom (2015) – Cloud Security, Linkedin(2016) – Professional Networking, GitHub(2018) – Code Repository.

Key Competitors

Google, Apple, IBM

Products and Services

Many of Microsoft’s security-related products and services are embedded in its baseline products and services. The company acquired Aorato in 2014 and Adallom in 2015 to enhance its cloud access security solutions for Azure. Security solutions include the following:

• Microsoft Security Essentials – Guards against viruses, spyware, Spam, and other malicious software for home or small business PCs.
• Microsoft Internet Safety and Security Center – Provides on-line support and services for users on problems and issues related to security issues
• Microsoft Safety Scanner – Free downloadable security tool to help detect and remove malicious software
• Microsoft Windows Defender – Security suite built into Windows 8 for removing viruses and other malware (replaces Microsoft Security Essentials)
• Microsoft Forefront – Family of on-line business security software to help protect networks, services, and devices
• Microsoft Azure Trust Center – On-line guide to technical and organizational security capabilities and features in Microsoft Azure cloud services.