Micro Focus

Brief Overview

Micro Focus offers a variety of enterprise security products and services.


705 5th Avenue South
Suite 1100
Seattle, Washington 98104
Tel: (206) 217 – 7100


Jeff Hawn, Chairman and CEO of Attachmate, held previous senior executive positions at JMI and BMC.


Frank Pritt and Julia Pritt founded Attachmate in 1982 to focus on IBM terminal emulation. Over the next decade and a half, the company grew organically and through acquisition into one of the largest PC software companies in the world. The company suffered through the technology sector issues in 2001, and went through several rounds of reduction and divesting. Attachmate merged with Micro Focus in 2014. Francisco Partners, Golden Gate Capital, Elliott Management, and Thomas Bravo are investors in the Attachmate Group.

Key Acquisitions

NetIQ (2015) – IAM, Security Management
Novell (2014) – Software
ArcSight - SIEM
Interset (2019) - Analytics

Key Competitors


Products and Services

Attachmate, and its owned MicroFocus, arranges its security offerings into the following groupings:

• Centralized Security – Includes identity management, authorization, and other controls required for secure access to the mainframe
• File Sync and Share – Provides tools for sharing files inside private clouds
• Web Enablement – Includes tools for supporting Web enablement of in-house technologies