Brief Overview

Mi-token provides a suite of two-factor authentication solutions including hard and soft tokens.


13785 Research Boulevard
Suite 125, Austin, Texas 78750
Tel: (972) 646-2881


Oscar Marquez, CEO and Steven Medcalf is the President of mi-token


Mi-Token was founded by Oscar Marquez and Steven Medcalf in 2005, The privately held company is headquartered in Austin, Texas with offices in Australia, Dublin, Dubai, and Tokyo.

Key Competitors

RSA, SecureAuth, Swivel

Products and Services

Mi-token offers token independent one-time password (OTP) technology solutions for two-factor authentication with the following features:

• Token Independence – Implies integration with a variety of OATH compliant hard tokens
• Soft Tokens – Provides soft tokens for every user free, including all mobile operating systems
• Scalability – Supports SSL VPNs, Web email, and custom apps.
• Management – Integrates management with Windows Active Directory

Mi-Token provides two types of business editions based on requirements of different businesses: Enterprise and Banking. Authentication options include one-touch USB, mobile soft tokens, traditional LCD tokens, and other options.