Meta Intelligence

Brief Overview

Meta Intelligence provides intelligence-based services, cyber risk management, and and executive protection.


11023 Camino Playa Carmel
San Diego, CA 92124
Tel: (619) 786 – 6382


Cecelia Anastos serves as Founder and Former President of Meta Intelligence. In December 2017, Thèo Anastos became Meta's President.


Cecelia Anastos founded Meta Enterprises in 2005. The small company was earlier headquartered in Fredericksburg, Virginia.

Key Competitors

Verisign, iSIGHT Partners (FireEye)

Products and Services

The company offers a range of security services that can be grouped as follows:
• Competitive Intelligence/OSINT – Includes open source intelligence, business intelligence, and related investigatory services.
• Cyber Risk Management and Executive Protection – Includes reputational services on the Web.
• Executive Protection in Cyber – Includes network, on-site analysis, assessment and Personal Protective Services(PPS)