Brief Overview

MetaFlows provides threat and intrusion detection in the enterprise via collected and behaviorally analyzed traffic.


715 J Street, #205
San Diego, California 92101
Tel: (877) 664 – 7774


Livio Ricciulli serves as the Founder, CEO, and Chief Research Scientist of MetaFlows. He has worked at Force10, Reactive Networks and worked on a number of U.S government research contracts when he was at SRI International as Senior Research Scienctist.


MetaFlows was founded by Livio Ricciulli in 2007 and is headquartered in San Diego. Early funding was provided through grants from The NSF and Army Research Office.

Key Competitors

Cisco, Juniper

Products and Services

MetaFlows provides malware prevention through behavioral analysis of captured enterprise traffic. The platform resides in the AWS cloud and collected captured intelligence for the purpose of security analysis. This SaaS approach uses all-source intelligence to perform correlation of events and to perform predictive security, support compliance, and provide report and data to the enterprise security team. The various Solutions and Products are:

• Saas Malware Detection and Prevention
• Network Intrusion Detection Software For Clouds
• Global Enterprise Saas IDS/IPS
• Govcloud Saas Cybersecurity

• Malware Detetcion Appliances
• Malware Detection Software