Brief Overview

MediaPro offers a range of awareness, security, and privacy courses.


20021 120th Avenue NE
Suite 102
Bothell, Washington 98011
Tel: (425) 483 – 4700


Tyler Winkler is the CEO and Steve Conrad serves as Managing Director of MediaPro.


MediaPRO started in 1993. Steve Conrad founded MediaPro and continues to serve as Managing Director. Clovis Point Capital raised $5M in funding for MediaPro in 2015.

Key Competitors

Infosec Institute, Knowbe4, Sans

Products and Services

MedisPro provides custom, e-Learning content to large corporate clients focusing on cybersecurity. .MediaPro provides a range of security and privacy training services that include the following:

• Adaptive Awareness Framework
• Security Awareness
• Privacy Awareness
• Compliance Training
• GDPR – General Data Protection Regulation

The company also offers customized courseware using its Adaptive Architecture approach where course are assembled from hundreds of learning objects.