Brief Overview

McAfee, formerly Intel Security, provides consumers, enterprise, and business customers a wide range of cyber security products.


Intel Security Corporate Headquarters
2821 Mission College Boulevard
Santa Clara, California 95054


Chris Young, CEO of McAfee, previously held a senior executive position with Cisco.


John McAfee founded McAfee Associates in 1987, eventually focusing on security related technologies. The company grew through acquisitions, eventually growing to the largest dedicated security-technology company in the world. Intel acquired McAfee in 2011 and announced in 2014 that it would rebrand the subsidiary Intel Security. In 2017 it was announced that it would be branded once again as McAfee.

Key Acquisitions

Dr. Solomon (1998), Endeavor (2008), Foundstone (2004), FSA Corporation (1996), Intruvert (2003), MX Logic (2009), Network General, Nitro Security (2011),
Nordic Edge (2011), Onigma (2006), Reconnex (2008), Secure Computing Corporation, tenCube (2010), Trust Digital (2010), Trusted Information Systems (TIS), SafeBoot (2007), ScanAlert (2007), Secure Computing Corporation, SiteAdvisor (2006), Solidcore (2009), Stonesoft (2013), Sentrigo (2011), and Valid Edge (2013), PasswordBox(2014), TunnelBear(2018), Uplevel (2019)

Key Competitors

Symantec, HPE, FireEye, Bitdefender, Trend Micro

Products and Services

Intel Security (McAfee) provides the following IT and network security products for enterprise, consumers, and governments located around the world:

• Data Protection and Encryption
• Database Security
• Endpoint Protection
• Network Security
• Security Management
• Server Security
• Web Security

Intel Security (McAfee) offers cyber security solutions for all types and sizes of business and enterprise.