Magal S3

Brief Overview

Magal S3 provides security, safety, and perimeter protection solutions, including cyber security/information assurance.


Magal S3
17 Altalef Street, P.O. Box 70
Yehud, 56100, Israel
Tel: +972-3-5391444


Dror Sharon, CEO


The company is headquartered in Israel with offices in China, Spain, India, and Russia. CyberSeal was established in 1998 under the name WebSilicon. Magal Security Systems Ltd. was founded in 1969 as a department of the Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI). In 1984 Magal was established as a private companyMagal S3 acquired WebSilicon in 2012, and renamed the company CyberSeal, launching it as its cyber security division.

Key Acquisitions

WebSilicon (2012) – Cyber security
Aimetis (2016) – VMS Software

Key Competitors

BEA Systems, SAIC, RBTech

Products and Services

Magal S3 develops and manufactures perimeter intrusion detection systems.In addition to their portfolio of security and safety solutions, Magal S3 offers a cyber security offering that includes the following:

• Fortis4G – state of the art control system with built-in compliance, situational awareness, and GUI
• Integration capabilities into a unified Security Operations Center (SOC)
• In-house and third party product integration

The company offers design and integration services to create a so-called holistic physical security dome for customer networks.