Brief Overview

mSIGNIA provides technology to support strong authentication and fraud prevention on mobile apps.


9891 Irvine Center Drive, Suite 200
Irvine, California 92618


Paul Miller, Co-Founder and CEO of mSIGNIA, was previously COO of SMobile Systems.


Paul Miller and George Tuvell co-founded mSIGNIA in 2010. Both were previously principals at SMobile systems (acquired by Juniper Networks). Investors in the company include Tech Coast Angels and Gold Hill Capital.

Key Competitors

Mocana, Lookout, iovation, ThreatMetrix

Products and Services

mSIGNIA uses machine learning, intelligent behavior data analytics and a patented digital biometric authentication technology.The major products offered are iDNA SDK, 3D ecure 2.0 SDK. The mobile app security technology offered by mSIGNIA involves patented data analytics and dynamic key management. Solutions embedded in mSIGNIA focus on validating user data, software data, and hardware data, and include the following:

• Device Authentication – Includes behavioral ID and device reputation
• User Authentication – Includes 4-factor authentication, user PIN, user privacy biometrics, and password support
• App Validation – Addresses jailbreak-root detection and malware risk management
• Fraud Prevention – Addresses transaction signing
• Session Validation – Includes out of band validation
• Data Security – Include encryption support
• Reputation Services – Includes provisioning, device reputation, auto service transfer, and anonymous location