LookingGlass Security

Brief Overview

LookingGlass Security provides a cyber knowledge-based threat intelligence platform called ScoutVision.


LookingGlass Security
10740 Parkridge Blvd, Suite 200
Reston, VA
Tel: (443) 844 – 3010


Chris Coleman, CEO of LookingGlass Security, has over twenty years experience in information security and technology.


Founded in 2006, the company is located in the Washington, DC area with offices in Arlington and Baltimore. Vital Venture Capital and Alsop Louie Partners provided $5M in series A funding in 2012. An additional round of venture funding in the amount of $7.5M was received in 2013.

Key Acquisitions

Cyveillance (2015) – Threat intelligence
CloudShield (2015) – Threat management

Key Competitors

ThreatConnect, FireEye, IBM

Products and Services

The ScoutPlatform architecture is at the base of the LookingGlass Security product offerings. Specifically, ScoutVision and CloudScout offer customers collection and fusion capability for routing topology, network entities, threat indicators, and intelligence. The platform includes a core intelligence processor, parallel and scalable architectural components, modular data ingestion, and an intelligence navigator. CloudScout is fully hosted, whereas ScoutVision is offered as an appliance. LookingGlass Security also offers risk assessment and asset protection from phishing URLs, malware URLs, and malicious C2s.