Brief Overview

LogRhythm offers security intelligence and analytics solutions that unify SIEM, log management, network and endpoint monitoring, and advanced security analytics.


LogRhythm Headquarters
4780 Pearl East Circle
Boulder, Colorado 80301
Tel: (303) 413 – 8745


Mark Logan is CEO of LogRhythm since 2019.
Chris Petersen serves as CTO and Co-Founder of LogRhythm.


The company is headquartered in Boulder, Colorado with offices in the UK, Germany, Holland, UAE, Singapore, Hong Kong and Australia. Investors in LogRhythm include Access Venture Partners, Adams Street Partners, Colorado Fund, Grotech Ventures, Riverwood Capital, and Siemens Venture Capital.

Key Competitors

IBM, HP, Splunk

Products and Services

LogRhythm’s security intelligence and analytics platform offerings provide real-time actionable intelligence and threat lifecycle management. The platform comprises:

• Security Intelligence Platform – Offers unified, end-to-end threat management support with visibility into the entire enterprise IT environment.
• SIEM – Includes real-time threat detection, powerful search, incident investigation and orchestration, and automated response support.
• Security Analytics – Applies a myriad of machine-based analytic techniques to detect and neutralize threats.
• Log Management – Collects, processes, and stores (via Elasticsearch) log/machine data to support threat management, compliance, and IT operations.
• Network Monitoring and Forensics – Provides network monitoring, detailed security and forensic analysis, and full packet capture of network traffic.
• Endpoint Monitoring and Forensics – Extends monitoring and analysis to endpoints.
• LogRhythm Labs – Delivered as embedded expertise and out-of-the-box intelligence to accelerate threat detection and response, compliance automation, and operational intelligence.

LogRhythm service offerings include customer support, product training, incident investigation and response, platform optimization, and co-pilot services designed to accelerate the application of advanced analytics.