L7 Defense

Brief Overview

L7 Defense is focused on helping customers secure their applications against the growing risk of exposing APIs to cyber attacks. APIs have become the ultimate means for sharing data and integrating between applications. However, APIs function outside the “jail” of existing applications protection policies and are very sensitive to data manipulation, theft and operational damage. They present the main cyber security threat to companies today.


72 Van Reipen Ave.Suite 86
Jersey City NJ 07306

Products and Services

API-WAF: Securing the API against malicious, single request attacks (OWASP 10)
API-WAF protects API from misused content and hostile logic attacks (such as SQL Injection and more).

API-Bot: Ammune™ API-BOT battles BOTS in a generic way regardless of their source, activity type (scrappers, brute force login crackers, credential stuffing bots, etc.), attacking volume (high traffic to very low traffic rates) or other capabilities (processing cookies, redirects and JavaScript).