Kudelski Security

Brief Overview

Kudelski Security is an international cybersecurity company providing security solutions for large enterprise and public sector clients.


Route de Genève 22-24
Case Postale 134
Cheseaux-sur-Lausanne, 1033
Tel: 41 21 732 34 90

US Headquaters
5090 North 40th Street
Suite 450
Phoenix, AZ 85018
United States
Tel: (623) 235-2500


Richard A. Fennessy is the Chief Executive Officer at Kudelski Security at Kudelski Security since October 30, 2015. Richard Fennessy has been Senior Vice President of Kudelski SA since October 30, 2015. Before working at Kudelski, he was the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of PeopleJar, Inc., since January 2011.


Kudelski Security, a division of the Kudelski Group, is an innovative independent Swiss provider of tailored cyber security solutions. Kudelski Group was established in 1951.

Key Competitors

Fishnet Security, Forsythe, Trace3

Products and Services

Kudelski Security provides a framework that guides the development, implementation and management of a cybersecurity program. This blueprint covers all aspects of enterprise security and provides an initiative-based plan, with priorities to guide investments in people, process and technology. Services cover the risk management lifecycle, ranging from strategic advisory consulting and technology implementation, to managed security services and incident response. Services provides can be grouped as follows:
• Advisory
• Technology Consulting
• Managed Security
• Strategic Cyber Staffing