Brief Overview

KoolSpan provides mobile communications security products with voice and messaging encryption.


KoolSpan, Inc.
7735 Old Georgetown Road, Suite 500
Bethesda, Maryland 20814


Nigel Jones serves as CEO of KoolSpan.
Elad Yoran serves as Executive Chairman of KoolSpan.


Koolspan is a privately owned company based in Bethesda, Maryland with international offices in Korea (APAC), Miamai (LATAM), Italy, and the United Kingdom (EMEA). Koolspan has raised more than $50M.

Key Competitors

Cellcrypt, Silent Circle

Products and Services

KoolSpan mobile phone communications encryption product line, TrustCall, has shifted recently toward a software implementation from its original hardware base. TrustCall provides robust, cross-platform, end-to-end communication security on mobile devices for Governments and Enterprises, and more recently, for SMBs and Consumers. KoolSpan’s offerings include the following:
• TrustCall DIRECT Enterprise is designed for organizations requiring direct control of their communications, including both data and metadata. TrustCall DIRECT Enterprise includes infrastructure (TrustCenter, TrustBridge and more) deployed on the customer’s premise or in their private cloud.
• TrustCall DIRECT Service Provider enables service providers to deliver TrustCall “as-a-service” to their customers. It includes service provider infrastructure and APIs for integration within service provider ecosystems, such as provisioning and billing systems and others. Partners include service providers in Europe, Asia, Middle East, Latin America and the United States.
• TrustCall Global Service offers a completely hosted service managed by KoolSpan, enabling secure and private communications without any associated capital expenditures and overhead.
All TrustCall solutions work on iPhone, Android and BlackBerry. TrustCall is also available with a HW TrustChip as an option. TrustCall communications are encrypted and authenticated end-to-end with AES-256 bit encryption. KoolSpan is FIPS 140-2 validated and has 21 patents issued and dozens pending. TrustCall is embedded in many high-end secure mobile phones, including the Sirin Solarin and others.