Brief Overview

Keypasco offers secure multi-factor authentication and transaction verification for mobile devices.


Keypasco AB
Otterhallegatan 1, 411 18
Goteborg, Sweden
Tel: +46 31 10 23 60


Maw-Tsong Lin, Co-Founder and CEO of Keypasco, holds patents in the areas of authentication and smart cards.


Maw-Tsong Lin and Per Skygebjerg co-founded Keypasco in 2010. The small independent company is headquartered in Sweden with an office in China. The company also sells through a series of partners in Taiwan, Brazil, China, and Russia.

Key Competitors

Duo Security, RSA

Products and Services

The Keypasco software-based solution involves secure authentication and transaction verification with multi-factors. The service includes support for device fingerprints, geographical locations (called Geo-fencing), mobile device proximity, and risk behavioral analysis (involving creation of a risk score for each attempt) to authenticate users. The implementation involves a Keypasco server (Borgen) – located in the cloud or on-premise, one or several clients (Vakten), and a Web channel.