KDM Analytics

Brief Overview

KDM Analytics helps risk managers quantify, measure, and prioritize cyber risks.


KDM Analytics
1101 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Suite 600
Washington DC, 20004
Tel: 202.756.2488

KDM Analytics
1956 Robertson road, Suite 204
Ottawa, Ontario, K2H5B9
Tel: 613.627.1010


Djenana Campara serves as the CEO of KDM Analytics. She currently also serves as a board member on the Object Management Group and has previously held a board position for NIST.


KDM Analytics was founed in 2006 by Djenana Campara in Washington DC.

Key Competitors

Global Cyber Risk LLC

Products and Services

KDM’s Blade Risk Manager is a cyber security risk management platform. It provides a top down operational view of cyber risk.
- Eliminate the ad hoc nature of risk analysis
- Reduce operational costs (repeatable process)

KDM also offers third party risk assessment, consulting, and security training services.