Brief Overview

IronScales is a comprehensive phishing mitigation solution designed to protect your enterprise from cyber-attacks. Based on a gamified training program and a unique crowd-wisdom approach, the IronTraps automatic mitigation response is immediately executed when a phishing attack is reported by employees.


Ra’anana, Israel


Eyal Benishti serves as CEO and Founder. He was previously a security researcher and malware analyst at Radware and, prior to that, Java Tech Lead at Imperva.


IronScales was founded in 2014 by CEO Eyal Benishti. Headquartered in Tel Aviv, Israel, IronScales was incubated in the 8200 EISP, the top program for cyber security ventures, founded by Alumni, the Israel Defense Forces’ elite intelligence technology unit.

Key Competitors

KnowBe4, PhishLabs, Wombat Security Technologies

Products and Services

IronScales provides a range of solutions designed to protect enterprises from cyber-attacks while providing a compressive training program:
• IronSights – Defends against Business Email Compromise (BEC) utilizing UNIQUE anti-impersonation models to detect anomalies and communication habits at the mailbox level
• IronTraps – conducts email phishing analysis, forensics, mitigation and remediation automatically or at the click of a button
• Federation – anti-phishing technology to provide a comprehensive real-time, anonymous and automated intelligence sharing ecosystem between companies that is integrated into the automated incident response layer
• Themis – By using AI as a tool that can predict with high confidence the legitimacy of any suspicious emails, Themis can reduce the decision-making processes of busy security analysts, expediting remediation and decreasing risk
• IronSchool –IronSchool starts with an initial employee assessment to benchmark users phishing recognition and classification skills. It then automatically grades each user and adjusts the training according to their current skill level