Brief Overview

IronNet provides cyber defense using complex behavioral modeling, big-data analytics, and advanced computing capabilities to deliver unprecedented network visibility, early threat detection, and targeted, business-informed mitigation actions and also provides for collective defense by sharing and correlating threat and event data across multiple companies and sectors.
IronNet Cybersecurity
8135 Maple Lawn Boulevard
Fulton, Maryland 20759
Tel: (443) 300-6761
Executives and Co-Founders
General (Ret.) Keith Alexander, CEO of IronNet, was formerly Director of the NSA and Commander of the US Cyber Command.
Major General (Ret.)


IronNet Cybersecurity was founded in 2014 by General (Ret.) Keith Alexander and a team of highly experienced strategic, operational, and technical cybersecurity experts, the company's goal is to "continue the mission" of securing the nation in cyberspace based on the leadership team's experience in conducting full-spectrum cybersecurity operations and building cybersecurity forces.

Key Competitors

Cisco, Darktrace, Palo Alto Network (formerly LightCyber)

Products and Services

IronNet products and services provide high-fidelity detection and visibility to close dangerous gaps in an enterprise’s security infrastructure. Their combination of massive scale analytics, tradecraft expertise, integrated cyber hunt, and a collective defense capability enable enterprises to deploy an advanced persistent defense to mitigate cyber risk in their environments and across their industry sector.
• IronDefense is their flagship platform that delivers scalable network behavioral analytics, integrated packet-level cyber hunt, and the application of tradecraft expertise to detect advanced threats often missed by existing commercial cybersecurity solutions.
• IronDome is the industry’s first collective defense solution that links industry peers, third-party suppliers, and other stakeholders into a collective defense infrastructure. Adversarial tactics used against any member of IronDome are anonymously shared at machine speed, improving threat detection, risk mitigation, threat visibility, and real-time situational awareness for all members.
• Services. IronNet provides a full range of services to support our clients. This includes Cyber Operations Center (CyOC), Red Team Operations, Cyber Security Assessment, and Training.