Brief Overview

Ipswitch provides a platform for secure, managed file transfer as well as solutions for managing networks and mail servers.


Ipswitch, Inc.
15 Wayside Rd, 4th floor
Burlington, Massachusetts 01803
Tel: (781) 676 – 5700


Michael Grossi serves as the CEO of Ipswitch.


The private company was founded in 1991 and is headquartered in Massachusetts. Ipswitch was acquired by Progress in 2019.

Key Acquisitions

Standard Networks (2008)
Hourglass Technologies (2009)
Dorian Software Creations (2009)
MessageWay (2010)

Key Competitors

ShareVault, SendThisFile

Products and Services

In addition to network management and email service support, Ipswitch provides a security-oriented managed file transfer capability called MOVEit. The secure file transfer is designed to support mission critical applications across various industries. A dedicated team provides managed support for file transfer capabilities. The company also offers a secure FTP server product called WS_FTP Server.