Brief Overview

Intertrust Technologies is a software technology company that specializes in trusted distributed computing. It invents, develops and licenses software, technologies, and services in the areas of application shielding, content protection, data governance, digital rights management (DRM), media monetization, PKI certificate services, and whitebox cryptography.


920 Stewart Drive
Sunnyvale, California 94085


Talal Shamoon, CEO of Intertrust, previously served as researcher at NEC Research Institute.
Dave Maher, Chief Technology Officer of Intertrust, was formerly a Bell Labs Fellow with AT&T Bell Labs.
Robert Tarjan, Chief Scientist, is also the James S. McDonnell Distinguished University Professor of Computer Science at Princeton University.
Bill Horne, Vice President/General Manager, Intertrust Secure Systems, formerly Director of Security Research at Hewlett-Packard Enterprise.


Victor Shear founded Intertrust in 1990 and the company is a pioneer in digital rights management technology and services. Today, Intertrust is a private company headquartered in Silicon Valley with regional offices in London, Tokyo, Beijing, Mumbai, Riga, Tallinn, Bangalore, and Hyderabad and sales offices in Paris and Seoul.

Key Competitors

Certificate Authority: Arris, Irdeto, Kyrio, Certicom, CSS-Security, Digicert, Icon Labs, Wisekey
Application Shielding: Arxan, GuardSquare, Inside Secure, Irdeto, Preemptive Solutions, Promon

Products and Services

Intertrust provides solutions in the following security related areas:
• Secure Data Sets – Intertrust Trusted Data Platforms offers two services for secure collaboration around sensitive data sets. Personagraph: A trusted data management platform for conditionally sharing access to large variegated datasets that require security and governance to manage risk. Genecloud: A scalable platform for secure and private collaborative analysis of genomic data.
• Application Shielding – Intertrust’s whiteCryption division offers two products for software developers. Secure Key Box: A whitebox cryptography-based solution for protecting cryptographic keys. Code Protection: Provides application hardening and source code obfuscation.
• Certificate Authority – Intertrust’s Seacert division is a PKI certificate authority that delivers trusted digital certificates for devices and services. Intertrust has shipped over a billion certificates to Internet connected consumer media and Internet of Things devices.
• Content Protection Services – Intertrust Media Solutions delivers several content protection services. ExpressPlay Universal DRM: A cloud-based DRM service that supports all major DRMs for protection of video, eBook, and other digital content for playback on multiple devices. ExpressPlay CA: A card-less Conditional Access System for DVB channel delivered content. Kiora: A secure content delivery platform for delivering protected content that can be played offline in environments with limited bandwidth access.