Brief Overview

Interhack provides a range of computer-related professional services with emphasis on security assessments.


5 E. Long Street, 9th Floor
Columbus, Ohio 43215
Tel: (614) 545 – 4225


C. Matthew Curtin serves as Founder of Interhack. He is author of two books on cyber security and was previously senior lecturer at Ohio State University as well as a member of AT&T Bell Laboratories.


Founded in 2000 by former members of AT&T Bell Laboratories in Columbus, the company is headquartered in Ohio.

Key Competitors

Praetorian, KCFS Cybersecurity

Products and Services

The range of computer-expert related professional services offered by Interhack include the following:

• Vulnerability Assessment
• Penetration Testing
• Information Security Assessment
• Application Security Evaluation
• Network Traffic Assessment
• Criticality Assessment